Thursday, September 22, 2011


Ok u guys .. get ready for my new discovery lol ;)

I have sent an email for the 360 Mall asking them some Q's about the Fossil flooring and i have been contacted by  Ms Reem AL Nafisi, where she confirmed that they are a real fossils ..

so there u go guys .. 7ag ely kanaw metshakekeen or mo em9adgeen :P

Now i bring to u another discovery .. yup ! but this time its in ALKOUT mall .. starbucks walls !

check em out ..

what are they ?
 they are shell fossils of a tall, spiral sea snails.

 just like the ones below ..

this is a pic from a book that i have about Fossils, and these are the same fossils that i've seen in AL KOUT starbucks walls :)

they are not very old in age, not like the Ammonite fossils , they might be  2 million years old.

 who would ever think that these walls or floors we are walking on holds so much information and history in them ?


  1. I waked on real fOssils 3mrha 2 Milion years old O.O
    Na naa naa i waked on a flor 3mrha 2 milion xD
    :D great information
    Thanks for sharin it with us :D

  2. Chi7leb : 7abeeebeee enta wala :* sheftay shloon ;) go brag about it ;)

  3. Ironically, a very close friend of mine told that too. Thanks for sharing this valuable information :)