Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A 65 Million Years Old FOSSILS In MALL 360 !

Thats right !

 Can you imagine that we are walking on  a 65 Million Years Fossil Marble Flooring ?!


Buttake a look at the two images below ..

I took these pic's when i was in 360 Mall ..

and when ur at 360 Mall , remember to take a look at the floor .. u will see those spiral shapes embedded in the marble , YES those are the fossils that am talking about .. AMMONITE FOSSILS.

What is an ammonite?

Ammonites are hard-shelled, squid-like creatures that inhabited the world's oceans for nearly 350 million years, until they died out with the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. They are known only from the fossilized remains of their spiral-shaped shells.


Artist's reconstruction of ammonites

 The largest one known was over 6 ft in diameter (wouldn't want him after me!), the smallest down to 2 cm.

Thats how is looks on the flooring (this pic is not from 360) its from another place :)

I love Fossils & rocks, and am a collector, for the fossils mostly SHARK TOOTH, but i will share with u guys some of my Ammonite specimen ;)

sheno salfat elqalam, well its the scale , 3ashan et3arfoun el7ajem :)

isn't it awesome ? now that you know we are walking on HISTORY ?! ;)


  1. amazing ! .. will pay attention to it when I go to 360

  2. Wo0w They Look Amazing.. !!!
    Loved Your Collection :D