Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Replica 1989 Batmobile Powered by Boeing Jet Engine !

kha6eeera kha6eera kha6eera !!! 7ad el awesome !!! Batmobile with a Boeing jet engine under the hood !! CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!

atshai7a6 feeha meneeh lain amoot :P loool

The replica was built and designed by Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing this year. What you'll find under the hood is a Boeing turboshaft jet engine borrowed from a military drone helicopter. The engine, according to Putsch Racing, can run on Jet A, kerosene, or diesel fuel and pushes 365-hp.

This Batmobile weighs 2,800 pounds (1,270 kilos) and comes equipped with height-adjustable suspension and is street legal in the U.S. bas akeed 6ab3an not in Q8 ;/

the owner of the car is trying to sell it on eBay !! YES on EBAY !!and want a good news ??

the seller has dropped its price tag from the last eBay auction ($620,000). It is now listed at a cool $520,000. :(

meno 3enda  69361.60 kd salaf ??? aredhum lah baq9ad mureee7a :P ?????


  1. shway 7ssaait enha 6ayara :P

    Girl u r so into cars :P!!!!

  2. I watched the same model in Gold Coast , when I went to warner bros . Movie world , It was awesome

  3. beroo: well e7sasich 100% 9a7ee7 hahahah and yeah u should know this by now ;)

    ji3da : wait they have WB movie world in Gold Coast ???