Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Most Stylish Vending Machine!

Just in time for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!

Location : the lobby of the haute Hudson Hotel

Goodies : up-and-coming designers , luxury products. Like diamond and wood strand bracelet from Ruby Kobo, a python clutch from SANG A, and a rabbit fur jacket from Jolibe.

Other participating designers include Alice Ritter, Gemma Redux, Grey Ant and Public School

 Upgrade your wardrobe in an instant!

hmmmm ... la ashoof hal machine, la'any basheel'ha ebkoberha o ba7e6 ha eb baitna :P lol

1 comment:

  1. waaallaaaah taben al9ij yabeaal wa7daa :P
    3shan etha nseti tlbsen shay 3ala 6ol ta5thena:P
    bs ha swalf matyee hnii mo 5brch rab3naa may5loon :P