Monday, September 5, 2011

CRUSH IT! With Gary In K-Twon Soon !

The Secrets Of How To CRUSH IT! Directly From Garyz Mouth !

US Social Media keynote speaker Gary Vaynerchuck and author of New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling book, “CRUSH IT!” Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In On Your Passion.
 Gary Vaynerchuck will conduct Crush It! Seminar to all interested entrepreneurs in Kuwait to share insights and secrets of how to harness the power of the Internet and social media to turn their passion into real businesses or support their current businesses.


Gary Vaynerchuck is known to be a successful entrepreneur and social media expert who grew his family business from $4 million to $60 million in five years. It doesn’t end here! Gary has been one of the most followed people on twitter considering him as a prominent figure online and becoming one of the lead online speakers and entrepreneurs. Through his book ‘Crush It!’ Gary has encouraged many people to determine what truly makes them happy and pursue monetizing around it on the Internet. It argues that because of recent social and technological developments, the cost of producing content has been demolished that passion, knowledge, and effort, are now all one needs to build a brand and business.


  1. wo0w so loved " The Secrets Of How To CRUSH IT! Directly From Garyz Mouth !"

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