Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ramadan movie list:

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL this is crazy ..

Ramadan movie list:
1.The Passion of the me6aw3a
2. ï know what you ate last ramadaan
3. Charlie & the samboosa factory
4.Save the last sambousa
5. The curious case of the unfolded samboosa
6. So7oor at Tiffany's
7. The got-fatter
8. 500 days of 9eyaam
9. Hareees potter & the goblet of vimto
10. Confessions of a vimtoholic
11.  Avatar: The Last Fa6er.
12. Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Lagaimat
13. V for Vimto
14.Transformers: the dark side of the hilal
15.Harees potter & the chamber of machboos
16.Harees Potter and The Deathly Hunger
17. If6ar for shmucks
18.Saved by the Athaan
19. how to be a mutawa3 in 30 days
20. Иσ food attached
21. The devil wears jalabya.
22.Hide & eat
23. Harees Potter & The Late mo2athen
24.Harees & kumar
25. Fast another day
26.Confessions of a teenage fa6er
27.Gone with the medfa3
28.Um Hilal & the Jeder of Secrets
29. Did He 2athen Yet?
30.Fasting & furious
31. Inglourious Custards
32. 27 jalabiyas
33. Halal war: retuRn of the thereed
34.Get Lgaimat or Die Trying
35.Hoήєy, ï shrunk the legaimaat
36. Twilight: New jeder
37.The ghabga , the blalee6 & the ugly
38. Dude, where is mγ food ?
39. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Red Vimto


  1. Fasting & furious Is My Fav. :P It's mUST wATCH :p