Saturday, August 13, 2011

AR.Drone - THE FLYING VIDEO GAME (kha6eera)

kel ma re7t Marina Mall .. for anything .. lazem amor 3ala Virgin Megastore , a7eb elfanatiq ely algaha 3endehum, 6ab3an a7la branch is the one in DUBAI , la yo3la 3alaih .. o ma yoqaran bely 3endena .. bas el3awath wala elge6e3a .. :P

anyways .. wana ehnak a7oos chan ashoof this Flying Game !

sheno elshay ely khalany atane7 3alaiha .. feeha kamera .. o elshakh9 yegdar yet7akam feeha min el  iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, ghair ena multiple players can play together !
yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss its so amazing !!!! i loved the idea !!

How does it work?

Pilot the Parrot AR.Drone with your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

Thanks to its on-board Wi-Fi system, you can control the Parrot AR.Drone using an iPhone®, iPod Touch®, or an iPad®. It was initially designed for the Apple platforms and will be also available on other platforms in the next few months.

You can also control the Parrot AR.Drone from a Linux PC and a joystick with the software AR.Drone Navigation
designed for application developers and available for free.

Click to see Technologies

AR.Drone & smartphones

- Android OS Beta software
- Nokia N8 / C7 / E7 Symbian Download
- Samsung Wave Bada

Play with other users

Another major feature is the use of several AR.Drone on a network.
Thanks to its own generated Wi-Fi network, players can create a game party where others players can join and play against each other.
The multiplayer game, named AR.PURSUIT, makes it possible to have a battle between two AR.Drone. Hulls are available in three different colors to easily identify your AR.Drone.

Live video feed on your iPhone screen

Get inside the cockpit of your AR.Drone! Even meters away, keep control with your video remote thanks to a Wi-Fi connection. Two cameras are embedded, one on the front and one underneath facing the ground.
The switch between both cameras is very easy thanks to the button integrated in the application running on the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad.

Front camera

Bottom camera

Play outside

si3erha eb VIRGIN 120kd
3ala Amazon $299.95


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